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Car Recovery North West.

We are Fast Recovery & Repairs Service, a car recovery company who can provide fast and efficient  vehicle recovery services in Bolton and the North West.

Our breakdown recovery company have a reputation for excellence, and we recognise that the best way to maintain our reputation is by always providing our customers with the service that they deserve.

National Breakdown Recovery

There is nothing worse than breaking down in an area you do not know. You are left feeling stranded and that’s why you need to enlist a reliable and trustworthy company who will be there in your hour of need.

All of our motorcycle and car recovery services are competitively priced. We are a well established company and all of our staff strive to provide our clients with a high standard of service. Our company has years of experience providing breakdown recovery and vehicle recovery.

Vehicle Recovery Bolton

If you are looking for a car recovery company who can provide a fast and efficient services when you need it, look no further than our company. Fast Recovery & Repairs Service are the only company you will want for vehicle recovery and breakdown recovery in Bolton and the North West area.

RSD Transport services list

Why Choose Us

We offer a range of different services, we are always adding new services to service our custmers needs.

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Fast Recovery Service at the lowest price in the north west.

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Roadside Assistance

We can normally repair cars on the side of the road and get you back on the way in no time.

- 03
Dealership Transfer

We Transport dealership stock anywhere in the UK 24 hours a day everyday.

- 04
Vehicle Repossession

We work with many companies to recover and deliver Vehicles back to the owner.

- 05
Used Car Sales

We buy and sell used cars also. we have a range of  used cars, vans and bikes.

- 06
Wrong Fuel

Have you already inserted Petrol in a Diesel? You are not alone here. This is a really common mistake which people usually make in the UK.